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Enhance any meeting, speech or event, in-person or online, with automatic live captioning & translations.

* Alpha (α) release


About Speechlogger Live Captions

Speechlogger started in 2015 as a pioneer in live captioning and instant translations. The traditional version of Speechlogger is still available today. Many of our users were using Speechlogger in order to broadcast their captioned speech via screen share. In addition, many requested us for live captions (and translations) for phone calls, meetings and events - whether in-person, live or online. That's where Speechlogger Live Captions comes in. Speechlogger Live, transcribes and translates in real time, just as the traditional Speechlogger, but in addition it enables broadcasting live captions to other participants and attendees, as well as having multiple speakers sharing a live-captions room.

This opens the use of Speechlogger Live for many use cases - such as:

  • Meeting protocols - generate meeting notes of online or phone-based meetings with a single click
  • Live, hybrid and online conferences & webinars - broadcast speakers' captioned speech as well as live translations
  • Accessibility for the hard-of-hearing - use in live events, speeches, online and regular phone calls, webinars, etc.
  • Accessibility for different language speakers - use in live events, speeches, online and regular phone calls, webinars, etc.

Currently in alpha version - go ahead - give it a try - and please let us know if you have any feedback for us. Thank you!

Limited time for testing this alpha release - this service is 100% free!


Main Features

Automatic transcriptions (Speech to Text)

Share, broadcast live captions

Real time translations

Read out loud translated captions


Speaker tags and font color

Download / print transcript

Dark mode, settable font size and more

Works in parallel to any other online meeting app

Attendees can join in from any platform, including their personal phones



Free Plan

$0 / mo
  • Just for this alpha release
  • For limited time
  • All features are free!
  • Please - one request - try it and send us feedback.
  • Thank you!


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